Im Off Sugar!!rofl!

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  1. OK..I have been eating WAY TOO MUCH CRAP since the holidays.ALL my pants are tight..WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!Anyone else in the same boat!?
    I stopped all sugar and junk food consumption yesterday and I seriously think Im in JUNK FOOD WITHDRAWAL..ROFLMAO! SERIOUSLY!
    How do you guys handle this?I have never been a junk food all of a sudden..I cant stop eating it!(Its not PMS either..I had a total hysterectomy 4 years ago!LOL!)
    Any helpful hints?
    I just feel like I need to have NO SUGAR for a while to prove that my body doesnt need the junk food..LOL..So HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I wore my too tight pants today to remind me not to eat crap today too..LOL! I SWEAR!
  2. What works for me when cutting out refined sugars is to eat enough calories from whole, healthy foods. Eating lots of fiber and protein helps, since both of those keep me full for hours, and don't let that whole 3 p.m. raid-the-vending-machine craving hit.

    I know you don't need to worry about weight, skinny minnie :p Just eat right, drink lots of water, etc. And indulge in sweets every now and then :graucho:
  3. Jill, titrate!!

    Seriously, I did this and had some detox symptoms..felt strange. Titrate off or have DH give you some librium so you don't seize...:smile:
  4. ^roflmao!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Bleh, I rarely eat sugary foods. I love to indulge in fruits instead. Pineapples, Bananas, and Granny Smith apples are my fave! Eat those instead.
  6. ^FEEL MY PAIN..Im allergic to apples,plums,pears,nectarines....and many more..SNIFF!
  7. You will feel better in about a week, then what I noticed is that my desire for sugar went away. I think sugar is probably worse for us than we know...
  8. This is my first time in Health & Fitness - I think if I spend time here instead of obsessing over potential purse purchases, maybe I will stick to my resolution of more exercise and NO REFINED SUGAR. I seriously feel that I have a sugar addiction which was overfueled by the holidays. I actually have not been able to go cold turkey but am gradually weaning myself - any suggestions?
  9. OMG!! I wouldnt be able to live!!!! :nuts:
  10. Tell me about it..I have to go everywhere with EPI pens too..LOL!
    I eat a ton of salads..Always ate healthy but all of a sudden..I cant stop craving junk!

  11. Uh, :wtf: is there any other reason you might be having these cravings?:s

    Ack,never mind, just re-read the original post!
  12. Yeah, I had the same problem with eating oily, salty foods while I was working long shifts (bacon, sausage, hash browns, cheese, nachos, burritos). Unfortunately, I wore hospital scrubs most of the time, which are very forgiving (ie. drawstring pants). Soon, my normal clothes were TIGHT and jeans needed to be stretched out after being washed!

    Cutting things off cold turkey just isn't reasonable nor practical. Try to trim your diet by removing one single item off a week. For me it was bacon first. No bacon for breakfast. Everything else was still game. Then I removed ice cream only. No bacon nor ice cream... I lost 4 lbs in one month just by cutting one or two things out of my diet and substituting those two things with something "more" healthy (not necessarily healthy). It seemed so easy after the first 5 lbs that I omitted one or two things the next month, then lost another 2-3 lbs. There never was much of a "craving" because I only excluded a small amount of my diet, and there was still plenty of pigging out.

    Oh, and you had a hysterectomy? I was going to say breastfeeding is always great too. I lost 50 lbs in 9 months and ate anything and everything...
  13. ^yep..Im 36 and cant have anymore kids so PMS isnt the issue!!LOL!

    Im the kind of person who needs to go coldturkey or else Ill never cut the sugar!
    I just got some new Theory clothes delivered today and Im too afraid to try the pants on!!!!EEK!
  14. good grief, i could never do that. i have a HORRIBLE sweet tooth.

    last time i tried to cut out sugar, i thought my parents were going to kill me. i was sooo *****y and short tempered.

    good luck!
  15. Oh man, I am weak. You are strong.;) I'm sure you'll lose it quickly.