I'm obsessing over Pastilles, any new release info?

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  1. After looking at the pastilles on Trish's speedy and reading all of the threads about them, I realized I must have some! :drool: :nuts: Anyone know any new info about when the stores will be getting them, if elux will have them, and when the brown ones will be out! Help me obsess! :graucho:
  2. I was told the brown ones will be out in October. Not exactly sure when. I'll be returning one to LV Forum Shops in Las Vegas on Saturday. I ended up with two.....one bought by me and one from hubby.
  3. Im now looking for the smaller one but my store can't locate any :crybaby:
  4. Me too :nuts:! I really want the bag charm size - just not sure if I want the multi or brown. I think it is going to cost $300.
  5. I love my multi pastilles! I have been playing around with it trying it on different bags. I'll have to post some pictures. I love it as a bracelet. I have small wrists, but I'm relatively tall and I think it looks great. It's smaller than my juicy charm bracelet! I might have to get a brown one too when they come out if I have any money left!

    Steph, are you going to put it on your baggy PM? I have that purse in pink and I can't figure out where to put it. I don't have a speedy, and most of my other LV's are pochettes, so it looks cute as a strap extender. Where else can I put it?
  6. Hmm.... looks like I might have to hit a store tomorrow. I hope they have some, I am just totally in love with this now.:love:
  7. Call first! I know the store in Scottsdale only got in 1 so far, and I bought it a few hours later. I had to leave work to go get it because I couldn't concentrate, I was having a "Louis Vuitton Emergency"!
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