I'm obsessed


Jan 14, 2006
Girls (and boys) i did something very very bad a week ago! I called a Gerard Darel strore in paris and ordered a few charlottes from them in different colors! Some of you guys know that i already have got three of them.....so here are my other four :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
I just couldn't resist...i'm starting to feel obsessed by this bag in and in general by this brand!!!
I feel a bit ashamed of posting this because i don't know anybody else who has so many bags of the same style and brand in different colors! You must think i'm crazy :wacko: :sad2:
I just wanted to share my joy with you......

So here are my obsessions:


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Jan 10, 2006
As long you're in love with the bags, will use them all--the it's ok. If you're just collecting them, like they're baseball cards--well then we need to find you a new hobby :P But there's nothing wrong with really liking a particular style!


Jan 14, 2006
Greenie said:
Wow! You go girl! Love all of those colors! Is the second one grey? It's beautiful! Congrats. and no, you are not crazy!

No it is actually supposed to be light blue but in the pic it comes out a bit grey! :amuse:

Thank you for all your support by saying that i am not crazy!

wicked, i will definitely use all of them:love:

Oh, i forgot to tell you the other colours....so there is white, light blue (as i already said), lavande and dark brown which comes out like black on the pic!


Bag Ho
Nov 27, 2005
OOoo:huh:Ooo that purple is GORGEOUS! I could really see the color with the interior pic. Wowee!

So you called the Paris boutique? Did they speak english? and they shipped out of the country? What was the phone number?