I'm obsessed.

  1. I just checked my bank account this morning....and my student loan was deposited!!!! I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiich.....:yahoo: I can buy my first bbag!!

    Oh. Yeah. Student loans are not for bags. :crybaby:

    Stoopid tuition. Stoopid textbooks.

    Buuuuuuuuuuut....I could just eat Ramen and KD for a month.

    What do you guys think .

    Be sensible OR.....Ramen, ramen and more ramen AND my first bbag!!!!
  2. Although my opinion may be very unpopular, no bag is worth the sacrifice.

    Your education should come first and doing all the things that a college girl loves to do... go out with friends. It would be a total buzz kill to have a bbag and not even be able to afford a night out with it on your shoulder.

    It is just leather, not an experience. No bag is worth going into debt for!!! :flowers:

    (I am totally ready for this mom stuff :yes: )
  3. Those student loans are SOOO deceiving huh? Education is always a good investment though!

    I agree you shouldn't buy bags with borrowed money... but I only don't think you should suffer with Walmart bags for 4 years of college! :sad:

    How about buying your books second-hand if you can, buy all the stuff you *have* to for school, and see what's left. See if you skip out on buying too many drinks, or make your own coffee, and you may have enough left over still for a Bbag! Good luck!
  4. Invest in education now so you can invest in Bbags later. But Tweetie has a good point - see if scrimping can get you there, too.
  5. Yeah that's what I do , I'm a student too and though I've never bought a bag with borrowed money (I'd feel so bad about myself I couldn't actually enjoy the bag), sometimes I have to save on food (I mean like I'll go for cheaper products not starve myself), going out, etc to finance my next splurge (hum actually I should say to finance my LAST splurge:P , plus the bad thing is I'm a serial splurger, it's not just bbags but that top that I absolutely have to have, this montblanc organizer on Ebay, etc); But hey there's a good side to this too: when you like "suffer" (it's not like it hurts) to get sthg you really want, you appreciate it all the better once it's there:yahoo:
  6. I agree (another mum speaking) pay what you need to pay and get what you need to get for school and then...

    I remember when I was in collège eating mostly instant soup and having a crêpe as an extra treat the week-end. (At least I was really nice and skinny)But I went out to have a drink here and there and most importantly: bought Chanel earrings for mums christmas, a Kenzo tie for my Dad and a Dior clutch for my grandma (which she actually handed down to me two years ago)... so give it a try you might be able to do it all!
  7. The important thing to remember is that with a student loan you will eventually have to pay the money back. Get your education now so you'll have a great job, great apartment, car, etc...then get that great bag. Another option, and this is what I did, go to a consignment shop an buy a second hand b-bag. I bet you'll find a great one for about 1/3 of the price. The lovely people at the Forum can give you the know how as to how to check for authenticity and you wont have to survive on soup (I actually love the stuff).
  8. I would say be sensible. You can always get a bag or two as a graduation gift!
  9. Another option is to get a P/T job on campus or off campus to fund your bags.
  10. I actually have a pretty good part-time job....I should really try to pick up more shifts. But I'm being lazy. :shame:
  11. Don't be lazy! I have done hundreds of part-time jobs (this is how I bought my first chanel bag) and it was so much fun putting the money I earned in my Pro Purse enveloppe.

    I really liked it, I met lots of new people doing these jobs, many of them would really appreciate what I was doing (= tips to help my mission sometimes too!), I even met new boyfriends...

    It may sound stupid but it was such a satisfaction to write the amounts I had put inside that enveloppe and then add them to see how much more I had saved and how much was missing. (I wouldn't put that money on my bank account in order to avoid spending it). And that wasn't such a long time ago, so go ahead!

    Good luck!:heart:
  12. hi chapstick! I am in a similar situtation...I am living off student loans as of now...and I have used some of that money to purchase bags...bad, bad, I know what every one is thinking, :Push: but I work hard in school and sometimes I feel I deserve a little something. I'm in med school, so I'm already going to be $200,000 dollars in debt by the time i graduate...so I figure, what's several hundred dollars!? :s Some of my classmates spend their money on going out, nightclubs, drinks, going out to eat etc...I spend my money on bags!! Anyways, make up for that guilt, I got a work/study job this summer and have worked hard to create a "bag fund"....now I've got some money set aside to figure out what bags I want, and I am being much more frugal with my money!!:flowers:
  13. Yesssssssss!

    (and by the way, I did save on food and extras as well, it's just a matter of priorities after all!)
  14. repeat post.
  15. i'm a student too.. =)
    I have a BAG FUND!!! actually.. i have 2 saving funds..one called CHANEL BAG FUND, and another is a BALENCIAGA bag fund...

    I go on shopping bans (which I am on now), to save...
    and i eat less to save...

    BUT.. i work to save.. and NEVER charge any bags on credit/loan.. VERY BAD HABIT which you will suffer while trying to kick off if you get started..

    so I say.. start saving!!! and don't buy until you have liquid cash. ie: not on a loan. =)