I'm obsessed with the Multipockets

  1. I want it in black or beige w/black CC. Where can I get one? any links to authentic ones on ebay? I have checking some auctions on ebay but I think they are too expesive taking in consideration that cambon went on sale about a month ago. on Saks and NM. I missed the sale so now I going crazy.:sos:
  2. I know, I missed that too, I wish I could have scored one of those on sale!!
  3. Do you mean the large Reporter? Have you looked on eBay? If you look you can always post them in the Authenticate This! sticky at the top of the forum, we'd be glad to help!
  4. :crybaby: I did but I think they are a way to expensive taking in consideration that cambon line went on sale about a month or 2 on Saks and NM.Some of the bags being sold on Ebay are 2000 or more. I can't afford to pay more than 1200 for one of those.:crybaby:
  5. Even at the steepest discount I don't think the large reporter went for less than $1300 + tax, and I wouldn't blame a seller for pricing it on eBay for around $2000. I know there was a beige/black reporter sold on eBay for about $900 that had some awful color transfer on it, but Chanel can redye the leather. $1200 would definitely be a steal, but it's also probably a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of find!

    Good luck on your search—I'm in the process of picking up a black/black large reporter for myself.
  6. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: what!?
    well, my problem is that I live in Miami so traveling all the way to Bal Harbour shops is a mission (larger selection on NM and Saks) my closest store is Saks at Dadeland mall, well, they have 7 or 8 purses and that's it! no only that but the Chanel's SA is pretty rude. The last time I was there she told me she will never forget me because I was demanding original box for my purse and earrings and she told me" who cares about the box? I responded: I do. I store my stuff in boxes what's wrong with that? so she went to the back and brought me a torn dirty box. I returned the 2 items on the spot. bye, bye bonus check!:rant:
  7. The reason they are selling them for $2,000 + is because then can now that they are completely sold out at stores.

    Best of luck though. :yes:
  8. You don't have to go in person. Just call a Saks store and ask the s/a to search the system for you. If they want a commission they will find you the bag! :biggrin: