I'm obsessed with a bag and can't find it!

Hi there, I'm deparately looking for a yellow Hype bag that I saw the other day at TJMaxx. I went back the next day to buy it and it was gone. :tdown:
It was a yellow Hype bag. I think the style was called Itallicus Framed Leather Satchel and the style number I got from the tag is HX11000. I've searched high and low online but haven't been able to find it in yellow. I found it it black and brown, but not yellow. I'm wondering if it was just a sample bag that Hype made or maybe it's a few seasons old. I don't know, but I love it and am on the hunt now to find it. Any help/advise that anyone might have would be GREATLY appreicated! Thank you! ;)


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Feb 4, 2008
Our local Last Call Neiman Marcus had a lot of Hype bags a few weeks ago. If you have one in your area, I would check with them. I did see a yellow Hype with gold round handle rings but I don't know if that is the one you are seeking. (480) 831-7979 is the phone number. I don't know if they do charge-sends, but you could check.
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Jul 26, 2006
This bag but yellow??

If so it's right here: