I'm obsessed!! Help..

  1. Ok..I need help..I just got the new damier azur speedy 25 (I just ordered it on eluxury and its on its way) but now I want the Trouville..I just don't know if I can wear the damier azur with a lot of things..what do you guys think? what should I do?? HELP!


    OR this..
  2. I think both bags are versatile but go with your heart.
  3. I think if you have a mod move this to the LV sub-forum, you will get a lot of replies. Personally I like the Speedy style over the Trouville.
  4. When you get the azur, go to the store (if you can) and check out the trouville, see which one you prefer, then exchange it of keep the azur!
  5. Go with which one you like better. :yes:
  6. I think the Trouville is more all year round.
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