Im NUTS! I cant sleep. HELP please.

  1. Hey all im 23 days early to be asking this but i seriously go to sleep thinking about this. ITs crazy but its a dilemma. Im leaving to Honduras in 23 days and i have no idea what bag to take. I seriously not sleeping bc i have this problem. ( Im crazy i told u) I have these in mind but i really need your help. Here are my ideas:
    * Mono Shopping Sac
    * Love Tote
    * Damier Azur Speedy 30
    * Denim Sac
    *MOno Babylone

    See its a dilemma. I think. :confused1: So please help me and i really need it. Thanks in advance
  2. I vote for Speedy! Azur is so pretty and the Speedy is of course gorgeous.
    But I know what you mean - I haven't been able to sleep soon in weeks b/c of excitement ;) (getting my first LV asap)
  3. Are you having insomnia coz I am too, lol.

    Take the Azur speedy!
  4. When I travel I like to have a shoulder bags so that I can have my arms, so I would say the lvoe tote. Second choice if you don't mind a handheld would be azur speedy.
  5. The Azur Speedy sounds like a great choice, or the tote, both would be great for travel - when I was in Honduras I only went to Roatan but I would have needed two bags LOL there were so many wonderful mahogany souvenirs to bring back -- I always prefer a bag that isn't hand held when I travel but the Azur Speedy would look so pretty :smile:
  6. Shoulder bag for travel definitely so get the love tote. I prefer keeping my hands free when travelling.
  7. I think a shoulder bag would be much more comfortable versus a handheld so i say you take the lvoe tote.
  8. azur speedy! lol i totally know what you mean about not being able to sleep! (especially when I'm deciding on a bag to buy, i get no sleep at all!)
  9. You have the Mono Sac Shopping?
    Wow, I wish I had one. I'd definitely take THAT.
    Have a great trip, BTW.
  10. I too would take the Sac Shopping. It's probably one of the few vintage bags I like. :yes:
  11. I totally agree!!! The sac shopping or the Babylone seems to be the obvious choice for me!
  12. The sac OR the speedy, both seem like the best choice~!
  13. Mono sac shopping!
  14. mono sac shopping
    take a practical one so u enjoy more the trip
  15. I know what you mean about taking the perfect bag on a trip. Hands-free is always convenient when traveling, so either the Mono or Denim Sac would be my choice.