I'm nuts for wanting another Anthra, right?

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  1. I just got my 08 Anthra Work and I keep staring at it. The colour is so amazing. I keep standing with it in front of the mirror. And now the little Bal devil on my shoulder is telling me maybe I should get an Anthra SGH City or PT. Apart from one bright Ruby, I already own a black SGH Day, a marine SGH City and an Anthra Work. Same or closely similar colours! There's no point getting an Anthra SGH, right? I need some sense kicked into my head. (Just need to vent too!)
  2. Maybe get an 09 Anthra SGH city instead of 08 :P sorry I'm an enabler, anthra is a GORGEOUS color! Its a great alternative to black yet still a very versatile color. But if you feel you don't NEED it, maybe think about it and keep saving!
  3. Nothing wrong! I have a Charbon and now I want to get something in Chocolate, which is very similar to Charbon... Bbags have amazing magic to just keep you crazy!
  4. the-chus, you've hit the nailed right on the head - the Bbag magic is very bewitching!
  5. Sometimes I hate this magic! Especially when I've used up all my 'purse funds' and then I keep seeing many many HG's! :crybaby:
  6. Well there are a lot of colours to love & some of us love some colours a whole lot. Like me & my PINKS. So as much as I try to have one bag in one family colour, I would give myself allowance for colours I love. BUT I have yet to want a few bags in the same colour. Maybe a bag & an accessory. That said, if you really love Anthra & think you would not deprive yourself of other colours, then get it.
  7. Saff, you are talking to the anthra queen! I have two 08's: a work with GGH and a city with SGH and am planning for a SGH 09 anthra PT. With my two, the GGH and SGH add a completely different element of color and style. In your case, RH and SGH will also be two different looks. I can tell you my two anthras get more use than my SGH marine PT, RH ruby work, AND my Chanel bags!
  8. How about an 09 anthra? From what I have seen the 09 version has green undertones. I am thinking of getting one too.
  9. pinkboudoir, as much as I love seeing everyone's colourful bags, I would only buy bags of certain colours, mainly neutral. so no worries about missing other colours. thank goodness for my wallet!

    roey, i was thinking about you when I thought about getting another anthra! btw, we have the same coloured Bals albeit different styles!

    , it would probably an 09 anthra if i get one as it would give me time to save.
  10. That's exactly it saff - I am not into bright colors. Red and burgundy are as daring as I get! My handbag collection consists of red, burgundy, dark blues, browns, dark beiges (caramel, camel), and one cream. I'm not a fan of black at all. One black bag is enough for me (my Chanel flap with gold HW). As long as you use what you have it's not crazy to own multiples of one color in different styles.
  11. If you like something and use it (per Roey!) then why not?? It suits you!

    Besides, 09 is different from 08. ;) Here's my 09 Anthra courier... I don't have an 08 to compare it with, but it looks lighter IRL to me than the 08 I saw in Barneys. Could have been the lighting. This pic is pretty true to color, but she is a chameleon.

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  13. I have 4 anthra bags, :graucho:. As much as I do LOVE the colors, I just can't pull too many of them off with my wardrobe. If you'll carry it, why not?
  14. ^4 anthras?! I bestow you my crown!! Where are the photos?!
  15. Not crazy at all! Anthra is a great alternative to black! I say go for it! The 09 Anthra is real pretty! Do we have comparisonpics of all Anthra's? Hmmm...