i'm numb...

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    i'm in shock. i knew them. my bf went to high school with him, and used to hang out with him up until a few months ago, and stopped hanging out with him because there was something about him that i didn't like. i couldn't place it, but it was just something. so my bf stopped hanging out with him...they used to go out together all the time. his wife was so nice...she stayed home and took care of the kids...i can't believe it...:crybaby: they only lived a few blocks from my bf. came home from work and found out...i can't get her face out of my head...
  2. Oh sweetie I am so sorry! :sad:

    What an awful situation :sad:

    Please PM me if you need to talk.
  3. omg, I'm sorry to hear this.
  4. Geez...I'm so sorry. That's just terrible. I don't know how I'd react. May he live his remaining days in a waking hell.
  5. i feel so terrible. i went to my bf's house after i got off work...i was so tired because it was my 3rd day working day shift (40 hours in 3 days)...still not used to the schedule change. bf was working out when i got there and i was a little cranky...i snapped at him, and he said "i have to show you something" and showed me the article. it took me a few seconds to get through the second paragraph...their kids are so young...a 4 year old and a 2 year old...
  6. I am sooo sorry sweetie. <<<<hugs>>>>
  7. Such a sad, sad occurence. My brother had a former Marine working part-time at his restaurant. He was somewhat of loose canon and I couldn't understand why. One night, he and I were discussing his aggressive behavior and he told me that since Iraq he has never been the same. He stated that the things that he saw and the things that he did were always on his mind and he lashes out without consciously trying. I told him about therapy but he did not think it would help him. Also, to him therapy meant that you were "weak". I really felt sorry for him. He was clearly on a path to self-destruction.

    I'm not justifying what your boyfriend's ex-friend did but it makes me wonder if he too had demons that stemmed from his profession.
  8. Oh wow, I'm soo sorry, that is terrible. I can't imagine how you feel since you knew them. I feel sorry for the kids.
  9. Oh my gosh! I am sooo sorry sweetie! That is just scary and sad!
  10. That is horrific and sad. I'm so very sorry. That poor woman and those two poor little boys.
  11. omg ...I'm so sorry....How terrible!!!
  12. Oh my gosh..I'm so sorry.. :sad:
  13. what a horrific crime, i'm so sorry... i also feel terrible for the children. i hope this guy gets the punishment he deserves
  14. Wow, how horrible domestic violence hurts everyone. My heart goes out to the wife and children.
  15. :shocked: That's terrible! And so, so sad. My prayers go out to the family.

    Hang in there, Swee7bebe. Take care!