I'm now on the waitlist....

  1. for the dark silver & black 2.55 reissue in the 227 size. I know trunk isn't until Wednesday but my SA put my name in the book as soon as it was put together. I also found out that the new CABAS is quilted on the bottom and has no CC's on the side although it has the CC pendant. It is a little smaller than the small CABAS.. I can't wait to see it.

    It is coming in bronze metallic calf w/ copper hardware, dark silver metallic calf w/ silver hardware, and white, blue, and black calfskin w/ aged hardware.

    I think I want the dark silver or blue.
  2. ^ do you have any idea how smaller the new cabas is going to be?? I would love to know the size! If you got to trunk show can you take a pic of you carrying it??? THANKS!!
  3. I'd like to see the blue! I'm in the market for a new blue bag.
  4. Its only a little bit smaller. I don't know if I am going to be allowed to take pics, but I will let you know....
  5. OMG, I must see the dark silver metallic one as well as the white and blue.
  6. O:huh:oo... thanks for the info, japs!!

    i was going to go on a half-hearted hunt for a black leather coco cabas tomorrow, i'm still not 100% (more like 70%??) but hearing this makes me want to wait for the new one

    -cant wait til you get your new bags!
  7. Oh me too. I called Brendan weeks ago to put me on the waitlist for the dark silver 2.55 226.
  8. Only little bit smaller....sounds like it's still going to be huge on me.....
  9. Hi...
    What's the retail price for the new CoCo Cabas?:upsidedown:
  10. Can someone recommend me a nice SA from Saks or NM where I can be put on the waitlist? I'm in Singapore and they don't have any news about dark silver yet. I really want a 226. Thanks!
  11. Are these colours coming out in London?
  12. If you are interested in the Coco Cabas in leather, you could get ROsemary at the Saks Fifth Avenue in NY by Rockefellar center to order it for you. They order on a piece by piece basis.
  13. Thanks jap, I'm tuning in to PF and looking forward to the photos (if they allow you to take),
  14. So we can request any bag in any color that is being made and they can get it for us, as long as it's the current season? That would be AWESOME :nuts: .

  15. I was reading this quote over and over again, as I had a long day and I thought you said, have Saks make the bag in whatever color you choose. :roflmfao: But well, yes I believe they order the bags by pieces and requests. So I suggest that you put in have a charge hold for the piece and then decide on it later!