I'm now in a dilema.... sad too.... your comments might help...

  1. As you would have seen in my earlier post, I bought the Ebano Intreciatto Woven bag which I love so much but may now have to return and change it for another model.... I discovered some imperfections on two parts of the bag, one where the leather was crumpled with lines and another part where the strip of leather looks like it was burnt and matt.... I know leather is not perfect but somehow these two imperfections glare at me once I discovered them!

    I can't get an exchange cos' they only have one piece in Singapore.... only option is that they send it back to Italy and get the affected leather changed. The other option is to exchange it for a Cocker in Ebano.

    Pics of both attached.... what do you think? Should I let them get it 'repaired' in Italy, or should I just go for the Cocker?

    Would love to hear your say on this if you are in my shoes. TIA.

    Ebano Cocker (from Bluefly)

    My Ebano Intreciatto Woven which i love so much but with distinct imperfections :

  2. This is tough. If you really love the bag and they are offering to fix it for free in Italy, I'd do that.
    If you have doubts about perhaps the more delicate nature of this bag and longterm wear, go with the Cocker (seems more durable?)
  3. Can they not have one shipped in for you from somewhere else? I know that they do offer this service in Europe. Good luck!
  4. It sounds like you really love your Intreciatto. Unless they can have one transfered from another store for an exchange I would definitely send it off to get fixed. You still have your beautiful black hobo to keep you company while the Intreciatto is off on surgery ;)
  5. I'll offer my opinion, but it's biased, because I'm not a fan of the Cocker--it's just me, that shape of bag just isn't my favorite, tho I know it's a popular bag for BV. Your bag is special enough that I'd let the artisans in Venice fix your bag. This must be disappointing to you, but hopefully you will end up with a perfect BV.
  6. If you love your intreciatto bag, I would definitely keep it, it's more elegant. I agree with boxermom, somehow the cocker isn't one of my favorite bag from BV. Good luck with your decision!:smile:
  7. ^^I was going to post the exact same thing. I would have your bag fixed. It's so elegant and unique!
  8. I would keep your bag and have it fixed. It's beautiful, and would be cetainly worth the wait!
  9. Soz to hear of the imperfections on ya bag :sad:

    However, since the shop is offering to help get it fixed, I agree with the others, and say let them send it back to Italy, and wait for a perfect one to come back to you.

    You're gonna be using this bag a LONG time, so I think you should really hold out for something you'll love.

    G'luck with your decision, and keep us posted on what happens! :flowers:
  10. I may disappoint most of you here with my decision..... I returned the bag in exchange for a Cocker in Ebano, then with a top up of US$200 for a zip-around wallet, also in Ebano.

    Made this decision as I just don't like the idea that my brand new bag has to be sent for repairs. I wouldn't have minded this at all if the bag isn't brand new.

    Also at the time of purchase, I was deciding between the Intrecciato Weave bag and the Cocker, which they rarely have Ebano in stock.

    Anyway, after the exchange, surprisingly I was quite excited with the Cocker.... the leather is oh so soft and yummy.... yes, I must agree that it's not as sophisticated as the first bag but the Cocker is actually easier to use, more 'user-friendly' I would say.... I miss the Intrecciato Weave, but I'm too so in love with my Cocker...

    I'm happy now...... just don't show me the pics of the Intrecciato Weave!

    Thank you ladies, for taking your time to give me your opinions and consolation! Love you all!
  11. enjoy your new bag and wallet! I'm so sorry that you had to return your first bag but this one sounds lovely and now you have a chance to :heart: your BV without being bothered by any flaws!
  12. Good for you .... it is all about being happy and I can see that you are!
  13. i hope you enjoy your new bag and wallet. i actually love the cocker.
  14. Dear mlbags...if it makes you feel any better, I have the braided handle bag and while I love the bag it is not user-friendly in the fact it is a bit hard to get in and out of at the top and it is rather heavy. I am sure you will love your cocker and get years of use out of it. Best of luck to you!!
  15. mlbags, I was going to say to go with what your heart says. Both bags are unique in their own ways. The intrecciato weave of the bag is really beautiful.

    I have the Cocker in Poudre and was pleasantly surprised by how easy the bag is. I used it both for work and casual. And it just gets softer and slouchier by the day. It now collapses entirely when its empty! I also love how this bag is not common. ;)