I'm now complete!~MAGENTA & LILAC '03 ARE HERE!!!

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  1. I am so finally complete~ I think????~ when does it END!!!???!!!:hysteric: I need to give my wallet a big fat break!!!LOL

    Here is my "POP" of color~ I've found it finally in this magenta compagnon!!! This color makes my heart skip a million times a minute! It's so hot!!!:heart: :love:


    Here is the bag that I have always wanted and was so lucky to get!!!~ I think everyone may know how I feel about lilac~ it is my favorite color.:love:

    DSC03137.JPG DSC03145.JPG DSC03168.JPG DSC03165.JPG
  2. WOW!!!!

    As a fellow pink and lilac lover woooo hoooooo!!! congrats!

    I have the same lilac hobo and I adore it!!! Twins! LOL
  3. Oh my, those are both soooooo gorgeous! Congratulations on two very rare and beautiful finds! :love:
  4. Varsha~ I completely think of you when I look at the lilac hobo!!!! Twins!!:heart:
    luxe~ thank you sooo much!!!:heart:
  5. hey zacorey - 0o0o weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! LOVE your 2 new pieces!!! that Lilac is BEAUTIFUL! :drool: thanks for sharing!!! ENJOY!
  6. Just beautiful - the lilac hobo is TDF. I'm so happy that you are happy. :yes:
  7. Zac, congratulations on finding two rare, gorgeous items! I love them both.
  8. the magenta wallet is tdf!
  9. helen:heart: , lovely:heart: , nw:heart: & haute:heart: ~ many thanks to my Bbag girls!!!!!!!:love: :flowers: :love:
  10. Zac, the color of your compagnon is making my heart flutter....WOW!!!! I love the look of the leather on your new lilac......it looks real buttery soft. Big congrats on your new Bbag family members.:yahoo:
  11. okay.................now i am over-the-top jealous green!! that wallet is too cute for words!! awesome!! that ceries keepall is growing on me, i think i need to ask my dad for one! LOL
  12. ^^^couture~ you are the best!!!!:kiss: You need to tell your dad you need this~

  13. Thank you opn!!!!! :heart: xoxo:heart:
  14. Lovely.
  15. aww!! ya are so sweet!! where in MA do you live? alot of my dads relatives live there....!! :yahoo: for zacorey!!