I'm now buying outfits for bags . . .

  1. Ok, not the ENTIRE outfit, but I just got some shoes to compliment my white/black zoe clutch and couldn't get them to "work" with any of the shirts I already had, so I had to get a new shirt (hooray for sale at Macy's)!

    So now I need a ruling - the shoes and shirt are a bit more ivory than true white, but I think they still look good with the bag. The shirt also has a black patent "belt" and the shoes are trimmed in black patent, so I'm liking it. But, I want to get opinions (mom is away, friends are not able to come over before we go out tomorrow). What do you think?

    And please pardon the hair - it's my day off, so I didn't put too much effort into it (and it's evident).
    model zoe 1.JPG zoe model 2.JPG zoe model 3.JPG zoe model 4.JPG
  2. haha i love it! you look fantastic! and the clutch is so classy looking!

    (any excuse to go shopping, right? :smile::graucho:
  3. i think you look cute.
  4. Cute!
  5. You look lovely! have a great time.

  6. hrimaliv - well, um, yeah :shame:

    Thanks so much everyone. I just wanted to make sure that this outfit did work - I hate thinking that something looks good, but having no one to "clear" it with (and dh is no help - typical guy, all he knows is to answer "no" anytime I ask about my butt looking too big).

    Thanks again for the nice comments and opinions - they're really appreciated!
  7. You look fabulous! The purse, the shoes, the shirt... it's all beautiful!

    And your adorable daughter looks just like you!
  8. well here comes the meanie...:shame:

    kinda not diggin' the shoes. I would go with black personally....or rather black being the prodominate color in the shoe. Long black pants with white shoes just look odd to me...because it's such a contrast, your leg looks like it's being cut off. (again JMO!!!)

    But I do LOVE that top.

  9. I like that whole outfit a lot!!! Very cute!!!

  10. Sooooooo True!:yes:
  11. dewey - no need to apologize, that's why I'm asking for opinions! And what you brought up was one of the things about the outfit that I wasn't sure of. I'm still going back and forth with them. I think the reason I really want to wear them is that they just look so darn cute with the bag!

    coach4me - thanks for all the compliments! What's funny is that when my daugher was born, she looked EXACTLY like my MIL. As she's gotten older, she's morphed into a little "mini me".
  12. what about with black capris/gauchos or a skirt wth the white shoes?

    :idea: actually - in that instance...white wedges would look cool I think...

    dunno...play around with it!
  13. I love it!! It's a cute outfit... I have the same question as deweydrop though, could we have a shoe modeling show as well??

    I'm thinking practicality... you're wearing this tonight right?? I don't know about PA, but I know its fairly close to MI... and if you wore those shoes tonight in MI you'd, a) have your feet freeze off & b) be covered by 6 inches of snow...

    I dunno, maybe this is an outfit for later - I will go back and re-read... but I was thinking this was the big outfit for tonight. ;) Love the shirt though... it is adorable!!:yes:
  14. The overall look is cute, but I agree with deweydrop....I think a skirt would probably look better.....
  15. you're so cute! i've always wanted my hair cut like yours!

    anyways, i do agree that you should possibly change the shoes (if for no other reason than that it's cold outside). you already have the matching black/white top (which is gorgeous)- and i think the white shoes cut off that elongation of your leg.