I'm not sure which clutch to choose from.

  1. I need a clutch. I have two to pick from. Should I goes with the python or black lambskin clutch. I like the color of the python one. It's so rich in golden brown. Or the classic clutch! What do you think. Thanks in advance for your feedback.


  2. do you have pictures?
    i have a feeling i'm going to like the python though!
  3. can you see pictures now?
    lambskinclutch.jpg pythonclutch.jpg
  4. I personally think the pyhton is more of a cosmetic pouch than clutch!

    So i would go for the caviar. its more structured and formal.
  5. What store are these bags in, if you dont mind me asking?

    Oh and to stay on topic; get the black quilted one.
  6. the black one. :smile:
  7. i'm saying the BLACK one - good luck on which one you decide to get! :smile:
  8. I vote for black too!
  9. I vote for the black-so elegant and classy. I am also biased because of a snake phobia--I would never choose python. I would be afraid of my bag!!!!:amazed:
  10. ^ haha!

  11. Black lambskin!
  12. I vote for the black lambskin one. It's so simple and elegant. :smile:
  13. black one!!
  14. black lambskin .. GORGEOUS
  15. The black lambskin one.....