I'm not sure what to do!

  1. I listed a couple of handbags on eBay and I sold one using the Buy It Now option. It's not an expensive bag (only a $100 Dooney) but I'm somewhat worried about the buyer at this point. I listed specifically in my auction to contact me if you had less then 5 feedback before bidding or purchasing. The buyer ignored that and simply purchased the bag without notification. She just opened her account on August 5th and therefore has no feedback. She never notified me of this at all. Here's the main issue though. She did pay immediately (right after the purchase) however eBay had an incorrect link to a paypal account with an old email address i no longer have access to. Paypal said i would have to validate my email before i could recieve my funds. Unfortunately, I obviously couldn't do that so I changed the email address on the account and validated the email and my account by adding my bank account. However, now it showed no payment! I contacted paypal and they said just to have the buyer cancel the old transaction and redo it. Easy enough so i contacted the buyer but unfortunately still have not heard back. It's been three days (Purchased August 7th) and I still dont have payment.

    Im not exactly sure what to do because I can't wait around for a month waiting for an updated payment, I want to sell the bag! But i think its unfair to have to pay the fees and relist it since she hasnt even bothered to contact me back. What do you think I should do? :confused1:
  2. I'd give her more time... it's not really her fault the payment went to an old e-mail address. She did the good faith thing and paid for it the way she thought she was supposed to, so I wouldn't worry about it yet. She'll certainly be in contact with you when the purse doesn't arrive in time.
  3. This is not the buyer's fault at all..she may be new..but her being new is not at all the issue.

    Call your buyer..I'd call her today. She paid right away..that bag should be on the way to her already.

    Get her phone number through the contact a member tab on the left side of my eBay. If you don't know how to do it..type in contact buyer by phone in the help section of eBay and follow the prompts.

    I don't mean to sound harsh..but we all started from 0 on eBay. She paid. She is probably very excited about receiving her purse--which is not on the way. Not everyone opens their email account everyday. She might log on once a month.
  4. Sometimes the buyers purchase an item then do not log back into ebay for awhile, until they are ready to "buy" again. Also, some buyers use an alternate email address with ebay and payapl, and may not check this alternate email address daily as they do their person email address.
  5. I am confused, where did the $ go?
  6. Basically the money went to my email address that is my account. However, when i changed my address they canceled the payment. But the buyer herself has to cancel the payment in order for it to show up in the new account. Its kind of confusing but im just following what ebay told me.

    I looked for the number, i know how to find it but it doesnt show up. I'm still waiting for the buyer to contact me so we'll see. I understand that we all start with 0 feedback but i just got concerned when she didnt read that i asked for a contact first. But hopefully she will contact me soon and it will all work out :yes: