I'm not sure what to do? Jack & Lucie in my cart..

  1. What should I do. Halloween is my all time favorite holiday in the whole world. I love Jack and lucie, having trouble deciding if I should spend 233.00 for a key chain:confused1: ...help me:crybaby: please...
  2. Have you ever seen it in rl?
  3. Which one is it? ... Monogram? ... Multicolore?
  4. I have seen it in real life..played with it a bit:nuts: ...the multi-color...
  5. $233 is quit a bit for a key chain, but I've seen it going for even more then that ($359 on let-trade).

    If you really love it I say go for it. The longer you wait, the more the price will increase then you'll regret not getting it when it was $233...
  6. I could always buy it and think on it and then return if I decide against it...I was trying to remember how much it was on let-trade...thanks
  7. I vote GET IT! I'm such an enabler! But seriously, isn't it LE? And I have the monogram one and :heart: it, it's just too cute!
  8. stupid question...is is limited?
  9. Multicolore .... ahhhhh .... GET IT! :nuts:

    I agree, just buy it then see how you feel when you get it in person.

    If you have a change of heart then return it. :yes:
  10. Well if you've seen it and know you really like it, then buy the keychain... it's really nice and it will make you smile everytime you see it.
  11. I have the Monogram colors. I love it! So unique. Buy it!
  12. get it if you really like it. and if you change your mind, you can always return it (which i doubt you'll do cus its really cute) :p
  13. Okay~ I just asked my husband when mother's day was comming up and he said May. Then he said~ why? your not getting anything (with a sarcastic little laugh) I hit complete order immediately following:nuts: . It is on its way to me, the only one...:yes: Thanks all for your advice I do appreciate it:tender:
  14. Yay, you got it! :nuts:

    Congrats Ghost55. :happydance:

    Post pics when you get it (if you can) .... would love to see. :heart:
  15. I will! Thank you so much for your help! and DH for being an Ass.....:nuts: tongue in cheek...I also just called 866 vuitton and it IS A LIMITED EDITION item Yah Hoooo!:p