I'm not spamming you!

  1. My access to tPF was blocked several times and I got a black screen that said "Due to spamming from this IP address your access to this website has been blocked"

    Emptied my cache and tPF works...until I reopen my web browser and try to access tPF again. I'm using Safari on a Mac.
  2. I just got this message too. I had to refresh the page a few times but it finally let me back on.
  3. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
    PHEW!! glad to see I'm not the only one!
    I actually clicked on the link to contact the administrator & sent an email to Vlad asking what was up --
    my heart practically jumped out of my chest!!
    I thought, Oh no! I've been banned for posting too many messages!!!
  4. See the Void thread.
  5. Apologies everyone, this is what happens when you try to tweak your permission files to block spammers and you use "Order Allow, Deny" instead of "Order Deny, Allow". You allow the spammers and block everyone else.

    Thanks to all that emailed me in a haste. :amuse:

  6. Das's a lotta emails so quick.
  7. OK -- everyone check your heart rate
    how many of you noticed an increase in beats per minute a few moments ago?:p;)
  8. I got the black screen and got blocked too - I yelled from the couch to the other room "YOOOOO VLADDDDDDD what is going on?!"
  9. I see my email title on that list! LOL
  10. He secretly gave you naughty points!
  11. Thing is, I thought it might be possible considering how Dynamic IPs work. Someone else in this IP range could have been doing something or had their PC taken over by a SpamBot.

    Oh well.
  12. HAHA! But I thought it only happened to me - not every single one of you!!
  13. And that was my biggest wtf moment of the day! LOL

    I was like :weird: wha?
  14. lol!!!
  15. lemme guess...."wtf?????" You are so disreputable!!