I'm not so sure about my camel coffer...WHY?

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  1. Hi girls! I've a large miu miu coffer in camel...but I'm not so sure about it...I don't know why, but I'm not so satisfied with the bag's shape...Does someone can help me motivate my feeling?
  2. is it authentic? you could post pics in the authenticate this thread if those are your doubts...otherwise, if you're not happy with the bag exchange it
  3. maybe you just need to get used to it! i know with a couple bags i've bought, i've just needed time to adjust to how the bag looks and feels on me, rather than just in pictures when i'm drooling over them! haha. just strut around the house with it and see if it grows on you. if not, then take butterfly's advice and make an exchange! (bowwwww bag perhaps? :biggrin:)