I'm Not Plastic Bag South East Asia, website say tomorrow !!!

  1. Anybody else feel excited? :yahoo:

    Do you guys have to (or plan to) take a line?
  2. *BUMP* for Jakarta, :sad:(((((((((((((((

    I just called the stores and they said it will not release tommorrow (due to their sale schedules) but on 20th July !!!!!!!! Urgh !!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to use my non-plastic bag !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rant:
  3. It's a disaster in HK. Since I am in HK now and planned to go tomorrow morning at 7am as AH stores open at 10.30am. However, people started queueing at 3pm in today, 18hrs before the stores open!!!!!!!!! I have to give up, so sad. The worst thing is, most people who are queueing in HK now are not the actual users of the bag. These people will sell the bag at very high prices. I am very upset.
  4. hey :rolleyes: u live in jakarta ..same here..:p

    which store did u call ?? the one at seibu?
    i'm dying to get my hands on that bag..:wlae:
  5. Going to sell through Anya Hindmarch Boutiques in HK: IFC mall AH store Lee Gardens AH store Harvey Nichols Ocean Terminal AH store Three Sixty organic food store at Landmark
  6. Hi

    Does anyone know how many bags are available in each of the store in Hong Kong?

    I just checked on eBay someone from Hong Kong is already selling the grey bag.


    G Lee
  7. I live in Toronto and there was another thread that stated that it will be sold in TO next week at Hot's and that was at least two weeks ago.

    Nothing yet.:sad:
  8. The grey one is the one I need!
  9. hi freaks, :yahoo:, halo !!!

    Yes, i live in jakarta. You should call On Pedder Jakarta, it is in Plaza Indonesia. I know there is AH corner in seibu, but website said they sell it through OP. Wait wait wait, where is the stupid phone number I wrote down yesterday.... am, okay, I lost it, :push:... But you can contact information, ask for Plaza Indonesia phone number, and they will direct your call to On Pedder stores.. Hurry, they have limit, they might already close their list.

    AND, THE PRICE IS TOTALLY REASONABLE !!!! They charge for Rp 140,000.- only !!! :okay:
  10. OH NO !!!

    I think Jakarta is the most ignorant place with this bag, they even release it longer then they have to :cursing:. But I dont think anyone will queueing in front of the stores at the time come, :push:
  11. purly, where do you live?

    has anyone have the picture of the grey one yet?

  12. Heard that there are 200 bags per store.

    I am really annoyed with the HK system. People started queueing in the afternoon of 5th July, to get rid of these people, the staff gave out tickets on 5th and asked them to come back on 6th (actual sale date of the bag) to buy the bag. This is so unfair because most people thought they can queue up on 6th to get a ticket and then buy the bag that day.:tdown:
  13. I dont get it either why each stores have different policy :sad:.
  14. What worse is, heard that a lot of people still went this morning (6th July) to queue (these people queued up for several hours without knowing that all tickets were given out yesterday - 5th July). Today is so crowded outside all the AH stores that police suggested all the AH stores to close today. Therefore, people who got the tickets on 5th July will have to wait till Monday or Tuesday to buy the bag.
  15. That is crazy I thought it was bad enough in London. That is so unfair to the people who turned up on the 6th.

    G Lee