I'm not on ban anymore & I'm looking for an INK.......

  1. Courier. Does anyone know where I can find one? Someone mentioned BalNY had one a month ago. Has anyone seen one anywhere else? tia
  2. Girlie try Barney's. I think they had one not long ago.:shrugs:
  3. Thanks Nanaz. I'll give them a call tomorrow. Someone mentioned they had an X-Courier recently. Maybe they have the reg. size also. I think I'm going to be busy making phone calls tomorrow.
  4. I don't know about an Ink Courier, but hgbags has an Ink Weekender...
  5. I know..........very very tempting.
  6. Btw, fyi - the INK WE has been sold out......good luck for ur search~~
  7. I know...I could just kick myself for not get her Ink WE before she sold it. That's what I get for waiting!!!!:cursing: Oh cracker, I didn't know you were on a purse ban?:lol:
  8. Barneys New York has Ink X Courier when I was there last Friday.

    Hmm, so I got Balenciaga's inventory list a few weeks ago and it mentioned
    Men's Weekender in INK.

    try them.
  9. My idea of a ban........pathetic. ;) I sold a few bags, so here I go again.

    Thanks everyone. I'm going to make some calls today. There's one out there somewhere.
  10. Hope you find one, Cracker!:yes::heart:
  11. good luck!! the only blue i've seen a courier in is blueberry. ink would be amazing!

    here's hoping i can find my ink city somewhere.... :push:
  12. Cracker, they do show up on eBay now and again, but I do hope you find your Ink Courier soon...
  13. i bought an ink courier from Barney's in seattle a couple months ago but returned it (too big). it's probably gone but it can't hurt to try...
  14. There was an ink courier at Barney's at Chestnut Hill, MA~ it may still be there~ make sure they check the back room though~ ask for Peter.
  15. Of course! ALWAYS the back room!!! :cursing: