I'm not loving my Dark White Reissue...

  1. she's a beauty - she truly is.....

    and i guess i don't quite mean it when i say i'm not LOVING her....i DO love her and adore her....

    I have never even taken her out other than to model her in the mirror....

    i'm still in school...and will be for another three years (i hope...)....

    The dark white reissue looks FABULOUS with a dressier black coat - really clean and professional and chic and you know the drill....but i won't be dressing like that too often in the near future....it's ridiculous

    But in the name of practicality, what good will it be to have her sitting in the closet in her box for the next three years???

    I need a functional bag and I know it....something more like a casual tote (I'm thinking cotton club)...

    So my question is...should I give her away and buy a cotton club tote?:push:

    I just can't justify keeping a $2500 bag in a closet and buying another $2000 bag. :sad:


    FYI: My dark white reissue is the humungo size, approximately 14 X 9 X 5
  2. I'm thinking the same thing with my 2005 white (with grey) reissue. She still has the tags on her. Is the reason you're not feeling it because it looks like any other quilted bag to a regular person? If so, I understand completely. It just don't have the CCs to signify Chanel. Go ahead and put her out there, and see what she can sell for.
  3. ITA

    but i'm stuck in this mindset of "if you're going to get it again eventually, why not just hold on to her?"

    i feel like it's a bag i'll defly use....but LATER on, not NOW:sad:
  4. I'd have a hard time letting go of the reissues. I just love them too much.
  5. I have the jumbo grey reissue and havent used it much at all. Maybe 2 times. But Im thinking it may have to do with my recent wardrobe. I dont think it looked quite that edgey in maternity clothes and flat shoes or Uggs, so Im going to give it the benefit of the doubt and see how it goes now that Im not going to be in maternity clothes and attempting to get my groove back. LOL. In the meantime it was nice looking at it and admiring it from time to time.
  6. Hehe, you had a wonderful excuse not to use your reissue!

    I remember another member saying that you were due for a baby boy?
    I'm probably sooo late, but CONGRATULATIONS! :yes:
  7. Thank you Chanelplz!
  8. It would be hard for me to give up a reissue too. Do you love it? Do you think you will use it eventually? Because it will never go "out of style."
  9. I have the same problem with my white classic flap. It's still sitting there after all these months. But @ the same time, I can't bear to part with it...
  10. i adore my dk white reissue...although I also rarely take her out...

    actually im a student too and I use her when im wearing Juicy suits or jeans.- it looks great. you dont need to dress the reissue up...its sorta got this funky/laid back aspect to it (compared to classic flaps where I do prefer to look a lil more put together when using it)

    I would keep it but its your choice in the end... good luck deciding
  11. and btw mine is probably the same size as yours (the large or jumbo - depending on what they want to call it)
  12. I would LOVE to get my hands on a dark white reissue 226. I would keep it since they are so hard to come by.
  13. I'd keep her if you're unsure about it.
    Just sell it when you're really sure that you don'r regret it because it will cost you an arm and a leg to replace it once you sold it.
    This style is a classic and you can use it forever.