i'm not into l'amore...

  1. ... but I found my "perfect placement" on a MM, with the pink birds front and centered!! Hehe. So I guess if I were to ever consider getting something, it'd have to have that placement.


    The bf's like, "Why don't you get it?" I told him I can't because then I'd need to get a matching denaro. He's like, "Then get one." This boy is horrible!! I'm trying to tell him I need to save money and he's not hearing it. Haha.
  2. :roflmfao: I wish my bf would feel that way about bags. That is beautiful print though, I see the fish I like so much!
  3. forget about toki bags! where did you find your BF???? LOLOLOL :p
  4. My bf feels that way about everything!! It's pretty much whatever I want, I get. *lol* I told him from the start of the relationship that if he kept up like this, I was going to get used to it and then he can't stop. But a year and some months later, he's still the way he is...
  5. That's a lovely placement! And I bet alot of the girls here would like their SOs to feel that way ;) If mine were like that though, I think I would be broke!
  6. Maya - very cuuute MM!! Your bf is a very good enabler! LOL If I were you, I'd be broke :lol:
  7. I didn't like Paradiso at all.... until I saw a bag that had the placement just-so that I fell for it. And now it's mine and I love it!
  8. i love ur bf *lol*
  9. i agree w/ you...this is the cutest placement!!! all my favorite characters smack dab on the front! Ur BF is soooooo the enabler ;)