Im not in love with my BH anymore.....

  1. I dont know whats wrong:confused1: I wanted the BH so bad, I loved it when I got it:heart:, loved it for a few months. Then for the past few weeks shes just been in the closet:sad: , im not in love anymore. Dont get me wrong, I "like" my BH...just not in love.........:crybaby:
  2. wow! I am thinking of gettin one too! But am a little neverous it might be too big! Now I am having second thoughts. I too dont want it be left sitting in the closet
  3. Maybe you just need to put it away for a while until you need to use it again-sometimes that happens. It's very classic shape-I wouldn't sell it if you were thinking of that, you may have regrets later. JMHO :smile:
  4. I would let it rest for a bit and use some of your other bags. I do the same thing with a lot of my bags. I'd say in 3 or 4 months (if you can afford to keep it), if you're not loving it, sell it. I think that's enough time to decide whether it's something you really want.
  5. I was the same way..I just sold mine. I love that bag when it was brand new. But after having it for acouple of just softened up to much and I didn't love the way it looked with the patina.
  6. I would give it awhile, I know I go up and down about bags, hopwfully the love will comw back :smile:
  7. May I ask why you do not "love" it anymore? Is it how it has become with use?

    I am considering a BH or BV so I am curious. TIA
  8. I would leave her in the closet for awhile. You never know when someone is going to post a pic of one and it will cause you to fall in love with her all over again.
  9. It seems like a practical bag so I will keep it, unless you have other large bags that can serve the same purpose.
  10. Sometimes you just a little tired of a bag. Give it a little time and see if you can recapture the love. :smile:
  11. should think about it. the BH is awesome. i agree with the rest, just leave it in your closet and wear it in a couple months. see how you feel by then...
  12. For those who get tired of their BHs I will take them :smile:
    I am still collecting funds to get one...The more I see it, the more I want it.
  13. I have th BH and overall I do love it, but I go through periods where I want a different size or shape. Then, after a few weeks I pick up by BH again and wonder why I ever stopped using it.

    Give it some time before selling!
  14. Maybe dress her up with a bandeau or charm? Or leave it for a few days to see how you feel?
  15. I feel this way about my bags for a while after I've used them. Please keep it for a while and make sure how you feel about it. Actually, I think I've done this with all my bags. Then one day I realize I need it again. Just give it some time.