I'm not in love w/ my Ink City anymore.

I have to say that fell head over choos once i took my ink city out!
I agree w/ everyone, give her a try for a week, and if you still aren't lovin it- then sell her! Good luck with whatever you decide!!!
Geez. I hope that I love mine more than thirty days! Although they seem quite easy to sell! But I am LOVING mine now! I schlepped her all over campus today with my roll/gradebook inside, stopped to pick up prescriptions, and had some mail stuff, too. Of course, in addition to ALL of my other stuff! She held up beautifully!
Aw, sorry to hear that...Keep us updated on your decision!
(Was it the color that you changed your mind about?)

ET - It's great to hear you much you love yours so! :biggrin:
i am falling in love with it, and i think you should just force urself to use it a few more times.. i know u posted it on wts... but gah! its so beautiful!