I'm not in love w/ my Ink City anymore.

  1. Please don't hate me :sad: I guess I've kept it in hiding from so long and when I finally took it out today, I'm not as fond of it as when I first got it. I'm even thinking of selling it. :shame: What to do... what to do...

    Here she is... Pardon the green sheets :shame: I may have to part with her. :sad:
  2. What happened? Im interrested. Ill pm you!
  3. purseglasf
    awww :sad2: i'm really sad :sad2: to hear how you're feeling about your b-bag.... you know what? i think you should try and use it every day for the next week or so (because you've only taken it out today) and see how you go... and if you find it too be bad etc... then part with it - after all you dont want a bag in your collection that you're not going to use. But please give the b-bag a fair trial :amuse: AND i dont want you to have any regrets if you part with this bag... i just want you to be sure!!! :amuse:
    i hope this helps - if not im truly sorry!
  4. Oh no! The first ink b-bag rejection (and it wasn't me this time!). Someone has been looking for one, so I am sure if you decide not to keep it it will find a great home. I LOVE mine! I wasn't sure about it until I carried it, so do give it a try before you give up!
  5. Oh!
  6. Your ink is verrrryyyy pretty. Tough decision. I will tell you that about two months ago I got my first ink City.. went through the 'love it', then 'eh' maybe not so much stages... So, I took it back.... But no other bag I got after that really could replace it so 'yep'.. six weeks later I had to hunt one down again and now it's a keeper. So I guess I am saying that if you let it go now then if you were meant to have it, you could always get it later.
  7. pursegalsf! the ink is beautiful tho? what made u change ur mind?

    im interested tho if you might sell it ;)
  8. That's too bad. But I think if you're not in love then what can ya do! I'd sell it & buy something you can't live wthout w/ the money!
  9. Actually, I go through something like that with the ink bag.... I think long and hard about selling it, and then I use it to see if I wouldn't mind parting with it and I love it again. I definitely have the hot-cold relationship with B-bags. Usually, it's because I see another color that I must have and so forth. It's a vicious cycle. Do as others have said, take it out for a few days and see how you feel about it. It might be a feeling that will pass, and if not, then you know for sure that it's time to part ways. Don't feel bad, I'm sure there's another color (or dozen) out there for you.
  10. It's a gorgeous bag, but if you don't love it you just don't love it. What can you do? I'm actually having the same thoughts about my bubblegum city right now... I love the bag itself, but just not sure about the color anymore.
  11. Aww that's a shame! I agree with the others that you should try and carry it for a few days before making the decision to sell. Don't feel bad if you do need to sell it as I'm sure it'll make some members here happy and you can always get one in a different colour!
  12. You definitely need to carry it. Early on, the SA at Balenciaga-NY told me that this was the color to get, so I got it sight unseen. When I saw it, I thought it was pretty but still wasn't sure until I carried her around. From what I see, lots of people would take it off your hands!!
  13. Give it a little more time. Carry it for a few days and then see how you feel. Don't make any snap decisions about selling it. You may regret it. If you do sell it, you should be 100% positive about the decision and right now, it doesn't sound like you are.

    The bag is beautiful and I hope you're happy with your decision - either way!
  14. Is it the color that you aren't keen on or the style in general? Just curious as I'm debating on a city vs. another bag and have never seen a Bbag city size in real life. I would say if you aren't carrying it and are thinking of selling, then maybe you should for now. You can always go back to find one later if you change your mind?
  15. Twinklette, I think the City is the PERFECT size bag! A tad smaller than Edith, not as bulky as the Paddy pocket...it's just right!