I'm not hanging out w/the Chanel people anymore....

  1. my wallet and my heart can't take it. I just bought 2 Chanel purses in one week! YIKES! :nuts::nuts::nuts: It's so much safer here in the cozy Coach section. I'm putting myself on a SERIOUS ban and I'm going to wait for the PINK stuff from Coach. That's it....SERIOUSLY!
  2. Chanel is awsome I know, but glad to have ya hanging with us Coachies!! We'll keep ya busy!
  3. Not to mention, Chanel's recent price hikes have been outrageous!

    You're safe here with us *hands you some hot cocoa*

  4. Thanks Ranskimmie... I always feel safe here! :love:

  5. Sigh....
    I feel all warm and fuzzy now.....
  6. Ughh.. I know. Ever since my boss got the most beautiful Chanel bag, I've been snooping around 'over there'. I haven't taken the plunge but I really need to stay away or I know I'll be in REAL trouble!
  7. Wow! You poor thing! Yes, you need some TLC from us Coachie gals to help you recuperate from such traumatic shopping! LOL! Shall I hold one of those Chanels while you recover???? :graucho:

  8. OMG! It's crazy over there! They keep posting all these beautiful pix and then they tell you the name of their SA, where they work, AND their telephone number so that you can call them direct to order things. :crybaby: It's 10X worse then here!
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. Gosh...I wish I had your issue right now! ;) I love my Coach stuff but I have been pining over some Chanel and Hermes and am going crazy until I get them...LOL

    Stay here as long as you like, we'll take good care of you! hehe
  11. LOL! I am a Chanel die hard and found myself in Coach this week:lol:

    Good luck staying away from Chanel, one purchase and I was hooked!
  12. Candace and Swanky....I know that I have seen the both of you over in Chanel at least a dozen times. Am I right when I say that there are some SERIOUS enablers/die hards over there? I don't know how they can all afford it! It seems like they buy their bags without even blinking! :sweatdrop:
  13. I have in insane amount of restraint, I might buy 1-2 bags/year. . . but yes, we can certainly enable a gal!:yes:

  14. Thats why I stick to Coach and LV. I'm not at Chanel or Hermes status yet. Plus I am affraid if I get a Chanel I'll think my Coaches are not good enough. But I'm hoping for a Chanel in 2008. I think 08 will be a good year for me. And as for Hermes, not unless I'm making 6 figures. I won't go there. That or if I win the Lotto.
  15. H-Ho,
    Does Larkie not have THE most TO-FREAKING-DIE-FOR Chanel collection????
    oh my lord. My favorite thread ever is her 'chanel du jour with pics' - even if you don't own Chanel you can gain so much insight and inspiration from it. I think she has fun doing it too :smile:
    On the H side Baggaholic has a great looking closet ;) I'm trying to convince her she doesn't need all her 'old' LVs, Chanels, and etc. :smile::smile::smile: Think I'll succeed? LOL

    Like I say, I'm just waiting til I have my re-enlistment bonus (I'll get to keep 8-9k) and I'm getting me some Chanel!

    But I said something on a thread that I will still put my Coach wristlets and accessories in my other bags :p