I'm not feeling my brown ali. What to do?

  1. I love my black ali so I thought I would love the brown ali, so far, not so much. I have the whiskey mandy and now I am wondering if I should get a whiskey ali or white ali and exchange the brown ali for something else. Will the new legacy stuff be coming out soon?
  2. Sorry you're not feeling the brown ali. I know they have the patent legacy shoulder bag and gigi coming to stores in April, but I think they are available for order through JAX (pics are in the new catalog). I have been searching for a brown ali with no luck. Mind if I ask where you found it?
  3. What to do? Give it to me LOL. I have the whiskey, black, and khaki signature ali. I also have the "new" ali flap in chocolate. I love them. If you're not feeling it, I would wait for new stuff. Although I do love my whiskey ali lol.

  4. I like the brown but right now I don't love it. To answer your question, my SIL picked up the bag for me from the states (outlet/Macy's?) but i'm not sure where from. I live in Canada so I couldn't find one here. I have a gift receipt so I could xchange it something better comes up, like the patent legacy shoulder bag you suggested.
  5. If you dont love it, definitely take it back, and wait for something new that you will really love.
  6. what exactly don't you like about her?? so sorry you're not feeling her....i love mine. you should exchange her for something you really love!
  7. hi--how do you like the "new ali"?? or as someone called it--"the alioops" haha...just curious how you find the longer flap, etc?
  8. I love the style of the ali as I am a black ali owner, but I don't know about the colour, it''s not as rich as the whiskey. What can I wear with it and is it wearable in the summer?
  9. LOL. I actually just got it, but I don't think the strap is nearly as comfortable. I may return it this weekend, but I have to test it out more.
  10. i consider it a neutral and i have been wearing mine w/ my usual---jeans, long-sleeve t's and sweaters and my uggs or my other brown boots.
    as far as summer goes, i will probably use her less (b/c i have ali in white too) but i will use her occasionally in the summer.
  11. Here's a link (I hope it works) for the thread about the new catalog and there are pics of the legacy shoulder bag and gigi in patent.
  12. is the strap drop the same as ali? is it skinnier? hmmmm, thanks for your reply!
  13. It's pretty similar, but the way they tapered it I can't put it on the shortest hole. Maybe it's just mine is defective. I compared it to my black ali, and it's slightly different. Enough to make it not quite as comfortable.
  14. I have the whiskey Ali and most of my other bags are brown tones ( leather Bleeker large flap, sig belted ergo hobo, Bleeker large flap in khaki sig) and I plan on carryinjg them in the summer also. I love leather bags and I don't worry about wearing them only certain times of the year even if they are darker tones.