I'm not excited about the Violet anymore...

  1. :confused1: I really thought I was going to get something in violet when it comes out, but now that it's finally out, I'm not excited about it anymore, it just isn't what I thought it would look like--the color's not what I thought it would be, and I'm so tempted with the new YSL bags I haven't touched my bbags for 3 weeks now:wtf:, should I feel bad?
  2. Don't feel bad, I love my bbags but I also happen to love my other bags, I like variety and sometimes it is nice to 'take a break' now and then. I wear what feels right for me for the moment, for the day.
  3. My collection includes bbags, LV and Chanel. I haven't carried a bbag in over a month, but I still love them! don't feel bad.
  4. You shouldn't feel bad, YSL is amazing and variety never hurts.
  5. I love my BBags, I love purple, but I don't "feel" the violet – I was hoping for a more reddish purple, like plum. I wanted a violet First but no longer. I like my 04 eggplant a lot better and I already have an ink as well, so I'm sitting this one out. Same with the jaune – I was hoping for a nice sunny yellow, and instead it is looking quite pumpkin-like. Maybe SS08.
  6. I'm waiting for the S/S '08 colors now...Violet and especially Jaune are not as nice as I was expecting. I'm also still waiting for my Magenta LE w/RH...more excited about that than any of the new colors....
  7. Me neither.
  8. You shouldn't feel bad...I'm sure the Bal love will come back soon :smile:
  9. I would not feel bad at all; that is what is awesome about TPF; such a diverse group in terms of likes/dislikes, etc. I love Balenciaga, but I also love my Legacy leather Coach bags and some Louis Vuitton bags.

    I think I prefer the look of Eggplant over Violet as well but it is nearly impossible to find. I want the color in a day bag but I am not sure they even made that style in 2004,
  10. That's EXACTLY what I was thinking too when I started to see the pictures on violet bags. I think I got myself so excited that I felt like I needed to get something in violet instead of nothing at all, which of course is just silly!

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement:smile:. I love tfers:smile:
  11. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!! Not getting something in Violet. I'm shocked. I actually love the Violet and am wait listed for the Giant RTT. What YSL bags are you liking?
  12. Awww...how cute are those puppies! I know, I'm surprised too! YSL downtown's definitely caught my eye lately!
  13. :nogood:
    Absolutely no reason at all to feel bad!!! First of all having different bags to choose from keeps you from getting board, and with how hard it is for Bbags to come across accurately in photos, it's no surprise that feelings can change once more photos start surfacing. I thought I was going to love 04 Eggplant, but when my Eggplant City and Magenta City arrived on the same day, I was so gone over the Magenta that the Eggplant barely got a glance. I had a Magenta Box that I didn't realize had faded, so when the mint vibrant City arrived I was overwhelmed by the stunning color. I tried to use my Eggplant for a month or two, then gave up and let her go to a new home. There will be plenty of Violet lover's, so I am sure losing one won't hurt!

    BTW, could you show us a picture of the YSL bag you've been loving?