I'm not even back on the sofa... Im locked in the living room! Another reveal....

  1. :tup: :yahoo: :tup:
  2. What you mean a regular? i know that mulberry pink colour is mulberrys now apprently they bought it so no one can copy, need that iphone case missed out on the pink one last time
  3. Sorry sunblock, I wasn't clear. The Mulberry pink is not seasonal so will be part of their usual range that never goes on sale and is always available, like with black, brown and oak.

    I didn't know that they can "copyright", as such, a colour! How does that work? :confused1:
  4. I knew you could copyright colours as Tiffany's have copyrighted the blue colour of their boxes. I thought that was quite unusual though. Still it's a lovely colour and I'm glad it's become on of the regular ones, copyright or not!
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    I was told by house of fraser sheff who i know well that mulberry own the colour now so it cant be copied, think they meant the word mulberry pink but who knows
  6. It is a lovely colour and I'm glad it's here to stay! :smile:
  7. Ooo, Laura! We are definitely kindred spirits!! Loving the pink!! :smile:
  8. It is indeed I love pink
  9. love hot pink!!! they are so pretty :smile: