I'm not even back on the sofa... Im locked in the living room! Another reveal....

  1. :giggles: good news... But im off looking for something to buy to get a new box.... Ha ha
  2. They might be a bit pink....

    I wear a lot of dark colours & neutrals, so I love a bright accessory.

    Ready for the big reveal?
  3. Me too.. Love wearing neutrals and then that little pop :biggrin:

    Yes please..... :love:
  4. I wear a lot of black so love the pop of pink.......let's see
  5. Here are my babies!
    photo 4.JPG
  6. Ooooooo what beauties!!!! :love: saw these yesterday.

    Wow they are beautiful! :biggrin:
  7. Jealous much...the exact things that are on my shopping list, enjoy :biggrin:
  8. The pink is DEVINE! I must stop stalking this site as my wish list is getting bigger and bigger as we speak! Wonderful purchases :smile:
  9. Thank you girls!

    I love them, I went in thinking I was going to struggle to pick between the Black Cookie purse and this, but it was love at first sight! Plus my OH convinced me that I would end up regretting not going for the pink one if I opted for the Cookie.

    Took all my willpower not to by the cosmetic bag to match.
  10. Yep the cosmetic pouch is on my list tooo, just waiting for Hoopers 25% promotion.....must be patient, must be patient!! What a fab OH to know you sooo well :biggrin:
  11. The pink is the perfect splash of colour to brighten our not so lovely summer weather!
  12. He is a bit of a star, and bought the purse for me. :biggrin:

    The cosmetic bag is gorgeous, I just couldn't justify it after the month of Mulberrying I've had!
  13. Is that an iPhone or blackberry case? I absolutely love the colour and want one now :graucho: The pouch is lovely as well.
  14. It's an iphone case Sammiantha. I don't think the photo's actually do the colour justice!
  15. I saw it irl.. The pics don't. They are stunning... Such a striking colour :biggrin: