I'm Not An Ethical Bag

  1. For all of you non-UK ladies, thought you might like to know...

    "I'M NOT AN ETHICAL BAG" was the HUGE TYPE headline splashed across Friday's Evening Standard in London.

    Seems the bags were made in a sweatshop in China, not organic cotton, not fair trade anything, and flown in a Carbon-NON-neutral jet across the world to get here to preach the message about not using plastic bags for your groceries.


  2. It's a good start anyway and would make a huge difference if we all stopped using plastic bags. Gotta start somewhere...
  3. I agree.
  4. Nothing's perfect!
  5. Sure, but if you're trying to use the item to send a message, shouldn't you at least make the effort to practice what you preach? Sainsbury's makes a big deal about their fair trade policies. The guy selling the Sainsbury's plastic bag on eBay was making the same point.
  6. I agree. Here is a tote that seems to be trying to be true to a cause.

  7. Why does that not surprise me!!!:wtf:

    Thanks for posting.
  8. i'm not surprised.
  9. I still want one!
  10. That's really disappointing.
  11. Would you use it for it's original purpose or would you continue using plastic bags at grocery stores?
  12. I'm not surprised. These double-standards seem to be common among people who like to tell others how to live. People who are into this cause have been using totes and recycling the plastic bags that they occasionaly use for years.
  13. OMG I must be so evil...
    I still want one too - I wonder if this is going to make the price drop a bit on ebay...

    But honestly - I am not surprised! How else can you afford to sell these bags at 5 pounds a pop? If you don't use manual labour in China, non-organic cotton, and not flown in carbon-non-neutral jets?

    Although I must say, I would have still bought it if it cost more but using more environmentally friendly practices. Let's say if the bag was $50 but everything was done in the more environementally friendly way, I would have still got it (if I was able to)! I might just want to get one instead of let's say four - but I would have felt that I was helping a cause - now even if I bought one, I don't know if it is to show that I got a much sought after bag, or is it to promote the reduction of plastic bags...

    Not to mention now I can only get them off ebay and I know for sure this is not going towards the cause to save the environment...