"i'm not a scarf girl,"

  1. i always said. but i couldn't shake this one pattern out of my head, for nearly a year. paris modiste.
    i finally bought it, figuring even as an object, i could enjoy it. couldn't decide, would i wear it? frame it?
    i adored the special experience and the beautiful treat i was finally able to bring home.
  2. it took me more than 24 hours to finally open up the package and examine it.
    sadly, no more natural light so the pics are not great.
    i did indeed love the pattern/design/colors but was not sure how i wanted to wear it.
    i tried ways that best showed off the design.
    scarf4.jpg scarf5.jpg
  3. i tried ways that felt more "me"
    and i thought i had exhausted the possibilities until...
    scarf3.jpg scarf6.jpg scarf7.jpg
  4. by george i think i've got it!!!
  5. ooh that looks fantastic! congrats!!

    the one on your head like a babushka is hilarious!
  6. :yahoo: YAY! You got your scarf! It looks lovely on you!
  7. oh, i'm a scarf girl alright! who knew?! not me.
    i'm nuts about wearing it low on my head that way (last pic!). and i love how it's a very very orange/geranium scarf but if i fold it a certain way, i can make the blue a predominant color for variety.
  8. i think pic 3 looks great too!
  9. Hiheels your thread made my day!!! you are so funny!!! lol
  10. hlfinn i saw a babushka in action the other day, rocking an hermes scarf (I sooooo want to be her some day). she was my muse, but i can't quite nail it. you say babushka but picture it worn that way in a convertible!
  11. HH, yes you ARE a scarf girl! You GO GIRL! I love all the ways you wear your gorgeous new Paris Modiste! I esp. love your look around the shoulders and you can really pull off the head scarf look! Even more chic than the models in the little scarf books! (and not everyone can - trust me :push: )

    Do you have one of those little books? They can be really helpful in trying new wearing styles.

    You are FABULOUS!
  12. hlfinn do you mean the 3rd pic or the one labeled 3?
    i like the one labeled 3 too! but the last one just feels soooo right.
    thank you emila and GUCCIhoochie!
  13. omg, that is SO cute! how did you fold it? i wish i were 'hip' enough to pull that off...you really look great!
  14. I LOVE that scarf with your coloring! It is so dramatic and stunning and precious and classic! Your way of tying in the first photo looks sooooo chic.
  15. It truly does look great on you. All the ways you show.