I'm Not A Plastic Bag -- Question

  1. Does anyone know when they will be in Arizona?. Im dying for this bag.
  2. anya hindmarch will not be releasing these bags anymore in the united states. the next launch will be in ireland and milan in the end of july. after that, say so long to the bag =(

    youre best bet is to buy on eBay now lol or fly to ireland or milan for their versions on july 28.
  3. I'm dying for it too! I live in flagstaff and it just sucks that they didn't release them anywhere over here.
  4. I would say ebayis your best bet some auctions are ending aroudn $70 if you play it riht . I live in CT and I was able to get quite a few bags yesterday at whole foods ( i brought my whole family to get them for me) And now I am selling them on eBay. I have about 10 bags. I'm keeping one for myself of course...
  5. LOL thats so funny! i went with a bunch of people too! actually i hadnt planned on it. i was simply telling my friends about waiting on line at june 20 and told them about whole foods. soon enough, i was waiting on line with my boyfriend and MOM, my boyfriends guyfriend, two of my girlfriends, another one of my girlfriends and HER boyfriend and her brother!
    i sold a few of theirs on eBay too !

    in terms of getting it cheap, i agree... pick the right day for it. generally as a seller, they say the best times to sell (where prices are highest) is around 2 pm when ppl come back from work and browse the internet, as well as on sunday nights and monday afternoons.

    so to avoid paying a lot of money, try buying at off peak hours. generally weekend nights like friday and saturday 2-3 am is generally really really slow.

    hope this helps! gluck finding your new bag!