i'm not a plastic bag Lavender , i have it

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  1. Hallo everybody. I have an original Im not a plastic bag, lavender trust, new. How much is evaluated? Do you think can i realize up to 5000 usd in 2010 or after?
  2. Are you asking if you can get $5000 DOLLARS for your "I'm not a plastic bag" canvas tote? Is this the bag that was $15 or so? Please say you're kidding.
  3. HA.

    No one will even buy the ones ppl sell on Craigslist fr $250. I managed to snag one of the US versions and people have offered me $50, but in 2 years I doubt you can get $5000! Hahaha. Youre funny.
  4. The craze will have died down by then. I don't think you'd even be able to get $50 for it.
  5. ... hahaha... I laugh because it's funny....

    once the hype is gone - which I know for sure in 2010 it will be - it is probably just going to worth its regular retail price if not less... ($15) - even if yours is the special edition for breast cancer!
  6. If only bags appreciated in value like that, we'd all be rich and retiring early! LOL
  7. there are only 200 of these bags in the world.
    On eBay this bag sold out for 2000 usd.
  8. ^^^Well...all power to you if you can find someone willing to spend $5000/ $2000/$500/even $100 for a canvas bag with writing on it. I would sell it as fast as possible if I could get $2000 for it. Personally, I'll save my $5000 for Hermes.
  9. then sell it now and get $2000 for it - I don't see why you are hesitating if you really want it for the money - I think your investment plan is rather far fetched

    in 2 years - there are a million things that can replace this bag - not to mention the fakes that would have surfaced
  10. Sell it now while the hype is up. Fads die after time. By 2010 nobody will give squat about this bag.
  11. No one would actually pay that and the hype has really died down.. at most I would say $100... why do you keep trying to push it to $2000 when the consensus is nothing around that... you can't sell bags on the forum just to let you know
  12. yea... i think you might need a reality check.

    Think about all the fads in the past ten years. Beanie babies, pokemon, Coach... (lol)
    All the "experts" say that they will be worth so much money in a few years! yadayada... years later... nobody cares!

    in 10 years, there will be some new fad to spend $5k on... rather than an old simple canvas bag that states the obvious.

    I doubt there will be a huge loyal following or this lol. You might want to rethink it... or go ahead and save it for 10 years. You will be welcome to come back to this forum and rub it in our faces.

    Either way. I don't particularly care :rolleyes:
  13. I'D SENT AN email to some hollywood vips, someone have to buy this fcking bag!
  14. $5000 for a canvas bag in three years?! :nogood: You got to be kidding.
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