I'm NOT a plastic bag...in Canada?

  1. Hi ladies!

    Does anyone know where you can get one of these bags in Canada? Does Holts have them? Or Whole Foods? Thanks!
  2. holts was the only place that carried them in canada, and they're long gone.

    someone on this board said they knew from a friend who worked at holts that they would restock them in september (no idea when in september) because they got them again at the end (i believe) of july and that's what they were told.

    you might want to call holts, but i doubt they'll let you know if they're getting them in again (even if they are). i believe the SA who said this worked at a holts in montreal.
  3. I am pals with a SA - I'll try to hunt her down and get some info...
  4. are you serious? didnt anya say that there will be no more launches after the one in ireland or something?
  5. Thanks for all the info! If you can find anything out from a Holts SA I'd really appreciate it!
  6. I heard people were lining up for the bag hours before the store opened. And yes i think Holts is the only place that carried them. I hope they will get another shipment of the bags, i really want one too and dont want to pay outrages eBay prices!
  7. Well, Whole Foods in NY were carrying them when they first came out (and were sold out in only an hour or so!!) so they might have been sold in the Whole Foods here (Toronto)