I'm not a plastic bag ~ BROWN OR GREY???

  1. :yahoo: I've decided to get a "I'm not a plastic bag", but don't know which colour should I buy....

    Grey or Brown??? :sos:

    Thanks gals :heart:
  2. I am a fan of grey myself.
  3. BTW, where are you getting it... on eBay? That's the only place I have seen it.
  4. I think if you can get the Brown for the original price then go for that.

    But if you have to pay the inflated prices on eBay I wouldn't bother getting either. Its not worth the money they are selling for on eBay.
  5. where were the greys released?
  6. ^The greys were released in Southeast Asia.

    I like the grey one!:tup:

    I wouldn't pay over retail for these bags either. And just a friendly warning, there are a LOT of fakes out on E(vil)bay already!
  7. Brown for sure
  8. I pick brown as well!
  9. :crybaby: Unfortunately, ebay is the only place where I can get one!

    Thanks gals...
  10. I'm so shocked that I am the only that voted for grey. I can tell grey is going to be huge for fall. It's already popping up everywhere. Plus, you can wear it with black or brown accessories/ shoes and it will work!
  11. My vote is for the brown. I :heart: the brown one :drool: I've been trying to get a brown one on the evil ebay for quite awhile now with no luck :sad:
  12. brown is ALOT better, IMO grey isnt that nice looking!
  13. i like the "u.s. version" in blue. actually, i think all 3 colors are nice.
  14. Brown is probably better for fall :shrugs: I'm not so much a fan of the grey though.
  15. :flowers: Thanks for everyone's comment!!!

    I'm still thinking~