I'm Not A Plastic Bag (Anya Hindmarch) in UK Sainsbury's tomorrow (25 Apr, 07)!!

  1. No luck! apparently people were queueing outside my local sainsbury's ( huntingdon) from 6 am to get the bags and they'd sold out at 8am!
  2. Same with all the stores my friends tried. Gone in 10 minutes.

    Below is an email from a friend :graucho: (she was number 31 in the queue, only 30 bags per store)

    bloody stupid if you ask me - 30 per store? I know she's trying to cultivate an 'IT' bag but that's not paying heed to the environmental message behind the bag - come the f*ck on anya, just release it nationwide. in proper delivery numbers!
  3. I didn't even bother getting out of bed LOL
    My friend went & they just stopped the queue at her, she didn't get one.
    The store definitely opened it's doors before 8am, as at 8am on the dot there were only 4 bags left!!
    Knew they would do this, probably for staff friends or family.

    I said on another thread it is ridiculous pretending to care about the environment & releasing 30 bags per store, what a joke!
  4. [​IMG]
    Student Elizabeth Gregoire receives her handbag from designer Anya Hindmarch at Sainsbury's in Cromwell Road today
  5. [​IMG]
    Queues for the bag began at 3am

    Here are some pics
  6. So did Anya have only 30 in her trolley :p doesn't look like it to me!
  7. It's a mad mad world!!!!! bet e-bay will be flooded with them by tonight!
  8. Hopefully things won't be so crazy over here because I'm too lazy to do more than order off the web.
  9. That is crazy. They release the U.S. version (with blue letters) in June. They are all already done taking orders, at two per customer for $15.00 U.S. Dollars. They ship them to you. I got my name on a list and they already charged my card, we will see.
  10. O dear lord. this is pathetic!!! It's a bag! you can find otherenvironmentally friendly bags i'm sure, i bet half of the people don't care about that though they just whan the "it" bag. I don't think it even looks that nice at all.
    When i saw someone carrying one the other day itt looked very small . Not really worth getting out of bed a 3am for. I swear the worlds going crazy.
  11. Sorry to hear that some of you didn't get one. Not all stores has 30, I guess London stores has more compare to other Sainsburys. I was lucky, as I went to Camden Sainsburys this morning at 7am and they gave out tickets to 120 people as there were 120 bag and asked ticket holders to come back between 8am and 11am. Heard that there were 90 at O2 centre (Finchley Road).
  12. Agree it's crazy £80+ on eBay for a £5 bag. There are much nicer environmentally friendly bags about.
    It's big enough for a very small shop but then I doubt that people who bought one for £££ are going to use for food shopping.
  13. Well I was number 31 at my store. I got there at 7.30 (I cant remeber the last time I was up that early as I work late). My boyf and I even drove to another store where the tickets were already handed out. I am so gutted :crybaby: :crybaby:

    The only good thing about it was that all the girls in the que were starring at my arm candy! Rocking my LV:wlae: