I'm Not a COACH Virgin Anymore!!

  1. My very first COACH (and designer handbag!!):


    I also won a Lurex Lipstick bag. It will be perfect for weddings coming up in the fall this year:

    I'M OFFICIALLY HOOKED!!!! (pics from auction-amyjude)
  2. Congrats! They are great pieces. I love the lurex lipstick bag - so cute!
  3. Congrats! they are both beautiful!! Enjoy your new addiction!!:yahoo:
  4. CONGRATS!!! :biggrin: I bought my first Coach bag on eBay, too! Those are two beautiful pieces.
  5. Congratulations. :smile:

    Of course you know that your life from now on will never be the same, right? One Coach bag won't be enough, soon you'll want more..and more...and more..*muahahahaha*

    Sorry, went off my purse-meds for a sec. I'm better now.
  6. congrats!
  7. hi keriberri! congratulations!! love love love both your coach pieces!
    i can totally relate to your excitement, because i too was "de-virginized" last week with my first coach purchase...hehehe...

    i felt like clicking my heels together when i walked out of the store. hahaha..
    thankfully, i held back..:roflmfao:

    congrats again!
  8. Way to go! Welcome to Coach! Please be prepared for many many more purchases shortly, especially if you're hanging here!
  9. i recently became de-virginized as well! it's such a fun addiction. :wlae:
  10. :devil: Mwahahahaha...another one comes into the fold:devil:

    (Seriously - congrats! It's soooo addictive, as is TPF.)
  11. oh no! now that you've started your addiction and became a member of TPF, you won't stop from buying! you'll end up liking everything! LOL! congrats! that's adorable!
  12. The danger is, once you loose your virginity, it doesn't grow back! You'll never give it up!
    Still, congrats! Very pretty
  13. Congrats!
  14. No truer words have ever been spoken...congrats on your new "babies"!!
  15. Congrats! Love that lipstick bag!