I'm no longer a Prada Virgin!!!!

  1. I took the plunge guys!!
    So fed up with LV!! So I decided to give Prada a chance!!

    Great SA's!!! Asked millions of questions! Very nice people at London Westfield White City.

    2 years free repairs if it's on Prada's end. I like that. I got to choose from 3 different ones so that I could find the one I liked the most. I liked that too. The price: oh weeeelll.. At least cheaper than Chanel, right???? And I'm selling away my LV anyways. I sound like the girl from Confessions of a shopaholic. But! I love this bag!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I had to share the info they gave me with you guys! Happy girl.
  2. Congrats! I am a newbie too. I love your double zip. I'm trying to decide between that one and the Saffiano Cuir tote. Colors are a decision too....black or cammeo?? Love yours. Enjoy!!
  3. So many beautiful colors. I like this one with the cotton lining. I'm clumsy and in case I spill something. And the price is better.
    So nice! I was deciding between black and grey. I went with black because I live in London. And it rains and there can be the occasional taxi splash or something hehe. And also I don't have to worry about color transfer from black jeans or other color clothes. Black was then my easiest choice. Good luck and enjoy!!!! Sucj pretty bags😍
  4. Congrats! Very nice. I took the plunge also and ended with my first Prada: Saffiano Cuir double bag. Enjoy your new bag. :biggrin:
  5. Beautiful! So Jealous right now! :biggrin:
  6. What a beautiful bag! Congrats! Im also on my way to buy my firs prada :smile:
  7. Thanks guys!! And congrats to you too.
    I'm now a stranded first timer.
    Had to take it back:
    The left side wouldn't stay folded in (you can see it on the picture) and also threads were coming out of the stitching the sides. I got a refund and going back tomorrow to look for gold❤️
  8. Congratulations. Perfect bag for your first Prada.
  9. Just saw this post. Sorry it didn't work out. That's such a beautiful bag though.
  10. Thats a classic 😍
  11. What a nice bag - congrats.
  12. Love the bag! :heart:
  13. Did you end up getting another one? It's a beautiful bag I hope you did
  14. Congratulations! I love the Lux totes!