I'm no longer a Coach virgin!

  1. My mother and I decided to stop at the Coach outlet just to "look". (that's always how it starts, right?)
    I wanted to get her something for her Birthday coming up and told her as much when we got there as a surprise. She's one of those people that never buys nice things for herself and I know that she's been wanting a new purse for a while.

    She picked out a Large Soho leather flap in Mohogany which I think looks wonderful on her.

    I had been lusting after a Signature Soho Hobo but they didn't have any there so I wasn't planning on getting anything, but kept looking around anyway and came across the same bag Mom had picked but in a small and in black instead. I love it!

    It's one of those bags that I did not like at all when I saw it online, but in person it looks so nice on my shoulder!

    So...now we are bag twins. :p

    They had an amazing sale going on and we got to pick up a minnie skinny for me and a wallet for her.

    Total cost for all four peices was less than what I would have spent for the one Signature hobo at Macys. Needless to say we are both very happy. Neither of us has ever had designer purses before this, could never justify the expense but with the sale going on we couldn't leave without buying something.

    We love the outlet! And we both love our new Coach purses!
  2. Well, look out. You'll catch the bug too!
  3. Welcome to the club!!!!
  4. yay, welcome to the beginning of a huge coach addiction. it's a disease we all suffer from. lol, congrats!
  5. ...and we have another one *evil laugh*

    seriously...welome to the Coach club - so watch out because you can't have just one!
  6. Oh, I'm still lusting after the Soho signature hobo. I might make that an x-mas present from me to me if it shows up at the outlet around that time...

    You're right, they are like chips, you can't have just one.

    I find myself wanting to find extra places to go now just so I can show off my new bag! lol
    I knew if anyone would understand why I'm on cloud nine, it would be you guys!
  7. AWWW Thats a cute story! You and your Mom are Purse Twins :drinkup:
  8. That's so great! Now all we need is...PICS. That's how we roll here in Coach forum! We need our fix! :p
  9. hey congrats! how fun :smile: welcome to a fun little enabling world we have here!!
  10. Aww, that's cute.

    Congrats! Once you've started, there's no turning back. :angel:
  11. Congrats on your outlet purchases. pics please :smile:
  12. Yay congrats on your new bag! Welcome to the addiction... :yahoo:
  13. Yea, my sister introduced me to coach this last winter and I,m addicted I have more than she does now.
  14. welcome you will never settle for less
  15. I was introduced to coach by my cousin, about six months, at first I thought she was crazy for spending more than $300.00 on a purse and now I have 4 handbags and a wrislet, and I'm already thinking about what to buy next so it is very addictive