I'm no expert. Did LV ever release a Mini Lin Speedy 25 in Ebene?

  1. I've only seen that in Speedy 30 so far. :confused1:
  2. nope the mini lin speedy only comes in 30
  3. It'd be so cute if it came in 25.. I'd definetly get it! (sorry off topic :biggrin:)
  4. both colors were only made in 30.I'm sure its s bag that wont come in both sizes, just like the cersies only came in 25.
  5. I think only 30, I totally want one though!
  6. just the 30 size...
  7. I think it's very cute as a 30, being so soft, it doesn't look huge on anyone.
  8. The fakers make a 25, that's the only "mini lin 25" i've seen hehe