I'm New

  1. Hi Everyone. My name is Angie and I am new to the forum...

  2. Welcome to TPF! :flowers:
  3. Welcome!!
  4. Hi, there. I spend way too much time here, but it's lots of fun and a bunch of great people! Welcome:smile:
  5. Thanks everyone!! :smile:
  6. Welcome to the PF!
  7. Hi Angie!

    Welcome to the forum, have fun!
  8. HeLLo :P
  9. Welcome!! You'll have fun here!
  10. Welcome!
  11. Welcome! You'll have lots of fun here, tPF is very addicting!
  12. welcome angie....
  13. Welcome!!! Have fun!
  14. Welcome to tPF. I am somewhat new too and be aware, i have become addicted! you will too.
  15. Hi Angie! Welcome to the purse forum. You'll have tons of fun here. :yes:
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