Im new!

  1. hi! my name is Nina and I'm new to the board. i love both chanel and Lv bags. and was wondering if any of you could help me. i love this bag and was wondering how much it is and what the style name is??

    thank you
  2. Hi and welcome to the PF!! I don't know the name of that bag, but I'm sure someone will come along anytime to help you out with it. You will LOVE it here.
  3. Hi and Welcome!

    Those are called the Cerf Tote and their current retail price is 1850. In fact, I've just purchased mine today.
  4. Welcome! Drop by Club Bagnshoo if you have a moment.....
  5. Welcome to the PF!
  6. welcome to tPF!
    that's the black chanel cerf tote. nice choice in bags; that is one of my favorites!
  7. welcome to the forum
  8. welcome! I am sure if you keep visiting the forum you will realise you love a lot of chanel bags!
  9. Welcome! I love that bag too. Its such a beauty!
  10. superb taste. welcome to the forum!
  11. Hi, welcome to the forum:yahoo:
  12. thank girls i love it here already :smile: