I'm new:)

  1. Hi I'm new here, I've been thinking about buying a balenciaga for a while now, but I'm not sure which one
    I like smaller bags, I really like the bags that Nicole richie is carrying around, i think its called a motorcycle bag?
    Do they still sell those bags? If not are there any similar styles? Also if anyone could give me the prices that would be fantastic!
  2. Welcome! Sounds like you might like a First style. But, I'll let those way more in the know sound off on styles and prices. GOOD luck!
  3. Hi,

    Welcome! :smile:
    It sounds like you're describing a City (Nicole has a few) or - even smaller - a First.
    If you go in to the Balenciaga Reference Section - you'll find tons of information on sizes, styles, pricing, the ladies have posted modeling pictures with their weight/height,etc. It's a great useful tool.
    There's also a section called Bal Shopping - which will give you names and websites of stores, consignment shops, etc., that have authentic Bal products.
    Hope this helps.
    Happy shopping and welcome to the addiction/obsession! :okay:
  4. hello godsavechanel..Ms Richie has a huge collection doesn't she? she is a walking Ad for Bbags..you'd probably love a First or a City..you could get a rough idea for how much pre-loved bags are going for by cruising *Bay..BUT don't bid on anything until you authenticate it first by posting it on this site.. the ladies are true EXPERTS here.
  5. Hi godsavechanel... I'm new here too. I bought my first "first" in 2005 in black and it was a great choice. Perfect size to introduce the style.
  6. Welcome! You asked about prices ... I think the prices are $1095 for the First and $1195 for the City ... someone please correct me if I'm wrong!
  7. The first is still at $995 (I just got another one over the weekend). I believe someone here mentioned the prices on all styles were going up $100 this year, though.
  8. thanks everyone, you're replies were all very helpful!
  9. Welcome to the forum!
  10. Welcome to Bal forum. : I luv the city design.
  11. welcome... hope u get your first bal soon.

    i'd came across a pic of nicole with a turquoise first and it was HOT. Turquoise 08 is slated to come out soon.
  12. welcome here!