i'm new

  1. i joined a few days ago.
    i love this site.
  2. Welcome! You'll love it here! Everyone is so nice!:flowers:
  3. Welcome Victoria! :welcome:
  4. thank you so much, ladies! i LOVE IT SO MUCH! i'm addicted! i never knew i'd be so thrilled with my coach accessories. :biggrin: i don't have much. YET! hehe. my boyfriend thinks it's silly, but he bought me my first charm. he's was going to get me another one, but i couldn't make up my mind. so we're going back soon. what do you think i should get???
  5. Welcome!!!!!
  6. I'm new too! I just found this Coach forum and I am in heaven! :smile:
  7. :welcome: Welcome! Your boyfriend is going to be shocked at how much you are going to want to buy after being here a few weeks!!!!

  8. i know. he's already kind of annoyed. hehe.
  9. it's a lot of fun. i'm on here more than myspace.
  10. Welcome Victoria and TEF!! You'll love it here.. everyone is really nice and helpful in this coach forum!! See you around :flowers:
  11. CAUTION!!! This site is very addicting. I am on here everyday for at least 3 hours. I want a new Coach bag everyday. If only I was rich....hmph....Welcome newbies! Make yourself at home! hehe Can't wait to see pics of your collections and Happy New Year!
  12. i literally check it to the point of obsession.
  13. HAHA same with me! I can't sleep because I am sick so I am on here. Ehh it's only 5:30 am and I'm on tPF. lol
  14. Welcome!! This is definitely a cool place to be for a Coach fanatic.
  15. You are in the right place! Many of us have annoyed SO's because of this addiction.