I'm new!

  1. Hello All! This is my first post! I have been looking at this site for a few weeks and found that I really am not alone! There are others like me!
    Anyway, does anyone have the Tikal pm? I am thinking about it, but haven't seen it in real life yet....Just curious..
  2. Hi Julie! WELCOME!!!:flowers:
  3. Hey there! Welcome to PF!!!!! I love Tikal PM but, unfortunately, don't own one...
  4. Welcome Julie!
  5. Hi Julie ~ Welcome...So Happy To Have You Here!

    I Love The Tikal As Well...No, Don't Own It.
  6. Hi Julie, welcome.....your gonna love it here!!!
  7. Hello, and welcome!
  8. welcome julie! :smile:
  9. Hello, I'm new too! :yes:
  10. Welcome you two!!
  11. welcome gurl!
  12. welcome to echo61 too!!!
  13. Welcome!
  14. Welcome new members....you'll love it here!
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