I'm new :)

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm new. I just found this site and am such a LV Lover! Glad to be here girls!

    Have a nice night!

  2. Welcome to tPF!!!
  3. ;) Welcome!
  4. Hi mspera! :smile:

    Welcome to tPF! :love:
  5. Welcome.
  6. Hi Melissa- Welcome
  7. Welcome to TPF, Melissa. :yes:
  8. Hi & welcome!
  9. welcome melissa ! :smile:
  10. Welcome. Hope you will enjoy :yahoo:
  11. Welcome to TPF. Were glad to have another LV lover. :welcome:
  12. Welcome!!
  13. Hi Melissa!
  14. I am new also! Now I can talk abour handbags without boring my husband to death!:heart:
  15. Hi Melissa, welcome to the forum. Like you I am a LV lover.