Im new to this! Gallery Studded tote?

  1. Hello everyone! i love the looks of this forum!
    Im new to all of this, so forgive me if i've done this all wrong!!
    Im considering getting the Gallery studded tote in the brass/brown, well, by getting it, i mean asking for it for christmas, hehe:p
    I was wondering if anyone here has this bag? Is this tote ok as a shoulder bag? Also, is ordering off of okay?
    Thanks for the help!
  2. I love that bag. It looks TDF in that color scheme. I tried it on at Nordie's and it would work as a shoulder bag but my personal preference is thicker straps or one strap instead of two. You could order from Macy's but i'd probably check Nordie's at the end of the month as a little birdie told me they are putting Coach and other designers on sale.
  3. Thanks for the help!
    I can see this becoming more of an addiction easily...haha :smile:
    Between this and the Signature Stripe Large Tote, which is ur fave?