I'm new to hermes - Please Help !

  1. Hi

    I'm new to Hermes .. I would love to buy a Birkin bag
    but I don't know which color shall i get !!!! :shrugs:
    There are many colors !!!! I just can't make up my mind !
    Also is there a new color for the season !!


    I Know I want a Birkin bag ! ( size maybe : 30-32-35 ; color :!!!??? )
    Help ME :yes:
  2. The best thing to do is head off to the Hermes Reference Library (see up top). That way, you get a very extensive and informative look at leathers, colors, sizes, etc. GL!
  3. thanks ,
  4. Mira.. Welcome to the forum!!

    In my opinion the most famous colors for normal leather is gold (tan) and blue jean.. and the size depends on your height.. birkin comes in 30cm, 35cm..Kelly comes in 32cm.. so i think maybe birkin 30cm??

    Take a look at reference section and u will definitely have more idea about other colors and sizes..goodluck!!
  5. I just been notified by a Hermes boutiques , that I can't choice the color !!!!!!!!!!
    I have to wait for the list & if it's out I can then add my name to the waiting list & that takes a YEAR !
    the bad news is the list is always closed !!!!!!!!
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    Thanks a lot :yes:
  7. Mira, if you need a Birkin right here, right now, in a colour that you desire, you can always go the reseller route.
  8. Welcome Mira..... the hunt can be fun!
  9. thanks ,
    I think I want to get a new one ,,,, do i have to wait 4 a year
  10. ^^^^ No. Establish a good relationship with an SA and take it from there.
  11. it's never an easy thing to get your first birkin, i tol dme more than 2 years to finally get my own.......... so really depends, if you're petite, go for nothing bigger 35, 30 maybe a better size for daily use; if you're a big girl (just like me) u can go for 40
  12. Go through the threads here. There're lotsa information and advices given for first birkin as well as sizes.

    Have fun hunting!